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Asphalt Repair & Over-Lay in Falls Creek, Pennsylvania

Restore your property's paved areas with asphalt repair and over-lay from our contractors in Falls Creek, Pennsylvania. At B. K. Asphalt Paving Inc, we utilize the proper equipment and products to transform the appearance and condition of your property's paved surfaces.

Parking Lots

Extend the life of your building's parking lot with help from our company. We specialize in parking lot overlay, which eliminates damage and helps extend the life of the area.

Patching & Repairs

Patching and repair work is a great solution for those who do not need to start over again with complete asphalt paving. B. K. Asphalt Paving Inc will patch or repair your driveway and make it look new again.

Asphalt Repair

If your home or business' existing paved areas are damaged, we improve them to look almost new again with asphalt repair. This service is the ideal choice when your paved areas only have minimal to moderate damage that can be repaired at a price that's less expensive than new installation.

*Limited to cracked ceiling and overlay

Parking Lot, Asphalt Over-Lay in Falls Creek, PA

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